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Under Armour Pro 4 NOCSAE Intermediate Baseball Catcher's Equipment Gear Set (Navy)

Under Armour Pro 4 NOCSAE Intermediate Baseball Catcher's Equipment Gear Set (Navy)

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Under Armour is stepping up the game when it comes to protection. This Under Armour UA Pro 4 NOCSAE Baseball Catcher's Equipment Gear Set Intermediate Senior 12-16 gives you that next-level protection from head-to-toe. It has this new NOCSAE certified chest protector that protects you against commotio cordis and leg guards with improved breathability for comfort. This gear set is loaded in with supportive features that are necessary for backstops at the professional and collegiate levels. The materials are professional-grade lightweight and breathable to provide superior protection. The colors are head-turners, too. It has this two-tone look that would confirm your instinct to buy it. The features are superb and the design and colors are on another level! Recommended for ages 12-16.

The set includes:

• Under Armour Converge hockey style catchers helmet
• The new Pro 4 NOCSAE approved chest protector
• Form-fitting Pro 4 leg guards

  • THE NEWEST AND BOLDEST CATCHER'S GEAR SET: This Adult Pro 4 Series Catcher's Equipment Gear Set is the newest set from Under Armour. The features are endless and the design is superb. It has a two-tone color to give a fantastic look and give you swag while playing in the field. Recommended for ages 9-12.
  • NOCSAE APPROVED CHEST PROTECTOR: The chest protector is NOCSAE certified. It gives you extra protection for blows near the heart. It protects the player from commotio cordis. To control the direction of the ball rebound, Under Armour made this chest protector's design as flat. It also has plastic inserts in the throat, sternum, and shoulders to disperse impacts. Senior size: 15.5".
  • NOCSAE APPROVED HELMET: To deflect and absorb impacts, the UA Solid Molded Converge Baseball Catcher's Mask has a high impact resistant ABS plastic shell. It also has this large scoop vent for proper ventilation and heat management so you'll still get comfortable and at ease while playing, running, and busy being the MVP. It has a glossy finish. Senior size: 7- 7 1/2".
  • ADJUSTABLE AND REPOSITIONABLE LEG GUARD: Leg guards have a triple knee design to provide maximum protection. Has repositionable gel knee pads that absorb potential impact. Has neoprene straps to hold the guard in place. Senior size: 14.5".
  • AEGIS MICROBE SHIELD TECHNOLOGY: This Under Armour Catcher's Gear Set has this antimicrobial system to remove or eliminate bacteria and odor so you can comfortably play and get your head on the game!
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