The 5 W's of Ideal Energy Sports & other FAQ's.

Thank you for visiting our site and your interest in the Ideal Energy Solutions Indoor Baseball/Softball league at the Jim Robinson Field House in Dover-Foxcroft Maine!

WHO is behind the wheel?

Dan (DJ) Hall lives in Sangerville with his wife Heidi and two sons Alex and Nick. Nick will be a 6th grader at Sedomocha this year and Alex will be a Sophomore at PCHS in Guilford this year. Heidi has taught in Guilford for over 10 years but will be transitioning to Sedomocha this year with Nick.

Dan has coached youth baseball, and other sports for over 10 years in the area. By day he runs his own marketing agency for companies that sell on Amazon. Dan and his family spend countless hours at youth sporting events, camping, golfing, hunting and fishing. And they attend church locally at Calvary Chapel Maine Highlands in Dover-Foxcroft.

How did this idea come about? Dan's college friend, Jesse LaCasse from Skowhegan, opened up his batting facility in Skowhegan several years ago with HitTrax and Dan has always wanted to bring this technology and opportunity to his local community.

WHO can play?

Anyone can Play. We'll have leagues and tournaments and opportunities for all young and old. Primarily we will have a league for kids age 8-18, then adult leagues too.

See Sign Ups page for full details.

WHAT is HitTrax?

I like to describe it as a golf simulator for baseball and softball. The HitTrax machine is positioned and picks up the pitch speed and location, then when the ball is hit, it picks up the balls speed and launch angle and predicts where the ball would land and if it would be a hit or an out.

All outcomes and field dimensions are dependent on the players level. You can play at any major league ballpark, and many others, including softball fields. Dimensions, basepaths, etc. are all adjusted for the individual level of any particular game.

Visit our HitTrax Demo Videos Page and Player Video Highlights page for more info.

Also available are special modules available to help players analyize their hitting, pitching, and catching. In depth stats and analysis are available to help your student athlete train and improve.

HitTrax Demo Videos


We play mostly on Sunday and Monday afternoons.

But if that does not work for you we are flexible and looking for feedback on other days/nights that work for others.

We understand everyone has fall and winter sports going on. This will only be one night per week for each team. One night during the week or on Sunday afternoons. We would like to schedule every 4-6 weeks in advance so we can TRY to work around everyone's schedule.

Special tournaments and events may be available during school vacation weeks. Stay tuned for more info on that.


League play will take place in Dover-Foxcroft at the Jim Robinson Field House inside their batting cages.

There has been lots of buzz and excitement around the new field house, and this is another great opportunity to put the building to good use.

Dover-Foxcroft is kind of the center of this great Maine Highlands community. Dan's business name is inspired by this general area. Scenic Drive Sales & Marketing LLC, and the new company, Scenic Drive Sports.


Dan (DJ) loves baseball. He played in the Y league in Dover-Foxcroft as a youth and remembers how awesome it was playing under the lights at the fairgrounds.

And when he experienced HitTrax for himself at LaCasse Bats in Skowhegan, he knew he had to bring it to his community to give kids a chance to excell at the sport.

The hope is that this will help baseball and softball players in our area improve and compete at a higher level, which will hopefully bring more kids more opportunities in the future.

Simply put, he wants to provide better baseball and softball opportunities to the kids in his area.

And he wants to make the opportunity affordable by offering sponsorship and advertising opportunities to businesses to help lower costs.

Another driving force behind this venture is to bring the youth in this area together in a more fun, less competitive environment. Yes we'll be keeping score, yes we'll be keeping records and stats. But DJ's experience with HitTrax is that is more about having fun and getting to know the kids in surrounding towns in a more fun and less competitive way.

  • What about younger kids and adults?

    Events, cage rental, and leagues will be available for younger players and adults as well. Please stay tuned for more updates on this subject.

    See Signup page for Adult Leagues now.

  • How will games be scheduled?

    We understand that the kids have fall and winter sports going on at the same time. We will schedule games 4-6 weeks in advance and will collaborate as best as possible to get everyone their chance to play their weekly game.

  • Can I rent the batting cage with HitTrax?

    Yes cage rental and group pickup games will be available for sure.

    How much will it cost? That is yet to be determined, but is expected to be $100 per hour.*

    *pricing subject to change

  • How do I sign up for the Fall/Winter league?

    Please visit our Sign Up page for more info.

    Sign up 
  • How much does it cost to play in the Fall/Winter league?

    • $400 per team (3-7 players) for 6 weeks.

    Divided by 7 players = $57.14 each. Divided by 6 weeks is $9.52 each night. Pretty cheap entertainment!!!

    Or -

    • $90 per single player to be placed on an existing team

    • You don't have to have 7 players, so if you want to limit it to 3, you are welcome to do that, but the team fee will remain the same to cover costs.

  • Have More Questions?

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