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Stinger Missile BBCOR Aluminum Baseball Bat 2 5/8 Barrel (Black/Red)

Stinger Missile BBCOR Aluminum Baseball Bat 2 5/8 Barrel (Black/Red)

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The MISSILE is carefully and strategically designed to help you perform your best at the plate. Engineered to optimize exit velocity and pop right out of the box, no break-in needed! The MISSILE offers all the power of the popular Stinger NUKE, but with a more balanced swing weight. The Missile features a unique knob taper made to mimic the feel of the popular 271 wood bat. This taper is designed to deliver optimal comfort and allow for maximum bat speed. 

In rigorous testing, we put the MISSILE up against industry-leading bats twice the price and each time it passed with flying colors. 

Stinger Sports set out to develop a top-performing BBCOR bat and offer it at an affordable price, The MISSILE is here to change the game! 

Features include:

  • SWING WITH CONFIDENCE: The Missile features a balanced swing weight for optimal control, made possible by Power Balanced Barrel Technology. 
  • GRIP, YOUR WAY: A pro handle which features a 271 inspired taper with an ergonomic knob shape to cater to all player grip styles. Grip includes high tack and soft feel for optimal bat control.
  • BIG BARREL, BIG POWER: A lab-tested BBCOR Maximum 2 5/8" Barrel to find the perfect sweet spot and maximum power. 
  • EYE-CATCHING DESIGN: Stand out at the plate with this Matte Gray and white with black and red accents colorway and a 2-toned grip.
  • CERTIFIED BY THE BEST: The Missile is BBCOR certified
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