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SDS Baseball Swing Trainer Bat

SDS Baseball Swing Trainer Bat

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The Scenic Drive Sports Swing Trainer Bat is designed with more weight at your hands.  There is an extra 6 oz in the Youth and 12 oz in the Adult sizes.

The reason for the extra weight is to help players focus on taking their hands to the ball which creates a proper bat path and allows you to stay inside the ball.

The opposite of this is what is called casting.  This is when your hands move outside the front elbow too early.  This causes the front elbow to move across the body, which in turn causes the hands and bat to swing across the plane of the pitch. This causes the player to hit in a small zone with very little room for error.

The swing trainer promotes that proper technique and allows the barrel of the bat to pass through the zone and give you a better chance of hitting the ball and hitting for power.

We recommend you use the same size/length swing trainer as you use in the game.

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