Homepage Slideshow Sponsor

$50/month for your logo to appear in the homepage slideshow sponsor section.

Website Giveaways

We have a dedicated page on the website where we will be giving away baseball and softball equipment and gear, as well as other various products.

The goal is to bring traffic to the website, not only for the league participants and their families, but EVERYONE in the community.

We'll be advertising the giveaway prizes constantly on social media and have folks from the community submit to win.

Weekly Spotlight

Feature your company on the Homepage of the Ideal Energy Sports website.

This will be a high traffic area as everyone will want to know the league standings and stat leaders that are positioned right below the Weekly Spotlight section.

You can buy one spot, or get a discount for 12 and do one per month.

We will be rotating these spots on a weekly basis so you get traffic at different times of the year.

On Deck Circle and Batter's Box

At the games there will be an on deck circle and batter's box supplied by Ideal Energy Sports.

We are looking for companies to sponsor these pieces for company exposure.

You'll get in person exposure from all of the participants and their families, as well as periodic mentions videos shared on social media.

Nightly Giveaways

Every league night we'll be giving away Amazon gift cards to the stat leaders for the night.

Homeruns, Triples, Doubles, Singles, RBI, and even Strikeouts.

This will surely gain a lot of attention as there is a monetary value to it for the participants.

You'll get your name and logo on the Giveaway Table, and periodic mentions during the live broadcast.

In addition, we will also be posting the winners in a social media post each night that you're logo will be on as well.